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The goal of Music is to express what is difficult to put into words: some emotions of subtile energies as well as emotions of overwhelming feelings, and just about anything else in between. I have always used Music as a tool for expression of everyday situations of Life that as a microcosm hold the keys to understanding the Universe as a template of the Spiritual Wisdom of All That Is.

My name is David Bicknase, the skills I bring are musical as a performer, composer, teacher and innovator. My present energy allows me to manifest songs and stories of the experiences of Life, as well as sounds of healing vibrations that balance and center our energies so as to lighten the path we are traveling as we remember what we really are.

In this web site you will discover some things that may be of benefit to you, such as, New Age Music and Meditational Sound Vibrations on CDs; Concerts and Chakra Toning Workshops from Earospace Productions that heal and inspire; original Instruments; and Piano Teaching that expresses Love and Beauty of Nature and Life as we learn to understand music and play the piano.

Enjoy the Light, follow your Excitement and Be at Peace in Love's Vibration.    Namaste

About Me

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I have been a piano player, composer and teacher for over 45 years. I started playing piano at the age of four, studying a myriad of styles of music over the next 20 years. After numerous recitals and dozens of bands, with styles ranging from Jazz and Swing to Rock and Dance to Multimedia and Theater, I've settled into a career of solo piano playing for the last 30 years. However, the passion of composing and creating is the fire in which I burn; formal composing started in 1968 and professional recordings by 1979.

My styles of composing are as varied as my influences, which embrace New Age, Jazz, Meditative Space and Healing, as well as Blues and Contemporary Movie Music. I am very influenced by the Cosmos, the sounds of Nature, and the Rhythms of the Earth as well as the vibrations of Life and Spirit. I continue to write and record songs of Love, Dreams and the experiences of our Eternal Soul while journeying to Unite with the "Universal Sound".

Since my hands are an extension of my mind, I also enjoy making percussion and string instruments which further orchestrate the colours of Life. I also find that Teaching helps me give back to Humanity the gifts I've been so fortunate to receive and understand. Living near the Wisconsin River, just outside Madison, Wisconsin has provided me and my loved ones a space in time where Nature shows its unbounded Miracle of Beauty and people cultivate Peace and Harmony through Love.


Earospace Productions is a aspect of my endeavors: it is the Magical Music that reveals the unfolding sound of evolving life, that Vibrates - Remember and Awaken. Earospace includes Meditational Music, Ground Luminosity Vibrations and "Light" Classical Music on CDs; Chakra Toning Workshops (toning or singing phonic vowel sounds at specific pitches as they relate to energy vortex centers in your astral body), Vibrational Light Energy Healing (guided visualizations and healing on a cellular level); and Concert Performances of these Sounds.

My intent is to help us all learn to raise our Vibrations to the level of Compassionate Love for all Life, and to consciously integrate the physical with the Spiritual as we remember our Multidimensional Nature. My CDs are found in the Store page of this site, so see what attracts you. I am available for workshops and concerts, so call or write to talk further about the Well Being I may enhance by being a part of your event or project.




Another aspect of composing is the creation of innovative instruments. In the ebb and flow of creativity, sometimes energy is expressed through my fingers as music, and other times the expression is making musical instruments.

I enjoy creating with my hands, these innovative instruments include: the Giom-chilel; a five-foot cube bell/chime chamber, a three-foot Giant Kalimba, played with tympani mallets; hammer dulcimers; oak wood xylophones; pot-lid qamelons and dijeridoos. Soon to be constructed is the Violachord; a piano with strings that are bowed to create sustaining tones and chords. All instruments are available in the store selection of this website.

Music & Piano Lessons

Teaching is a way of giving back to Humanity what you've learned both as a musician and as a human being, It is taking the lessons of life and passing them on to enrich and guide the musicians of future generations. I have taught over 100 people of all ages to play the piano and enjoy the process of learning to express themselves through the vibrations of music that can both celebrate and sooth life's experiences as well as excite the dimensions of imagination.

The Principles of my Piano Teaching are:
1) Family and School come first; music, other art forms and sports etc. come second.
2) It takes a long time to learn to play piano, so lessons are relaxed and positive, with a focus on encouragement, enthusiasm, and consistency.
3) I welcome creativity and imagination along with the discipline of playing music with correct notes, rhythms, dynamics and musical emotions of life and spirit.
4) What lessons are about are: learning how to play the piano while growing as a person; acquiring a skill that enhances your life and those around you with a talent that lasts a life time; and when lessons end you can read music and teach yourself how to play it.
5) Ultimately, it's to put a smile in your heart and let your spirit soar.

The vibrations of music can heal and sooth, inspire and open the doors of wonder and imagination; and as neurologist Dr. Frank Wilson says," When a musician performs he/she uses about 90% of their brain; there is no other activity that uses the brain to that extent.


Performance Dates 2013
March 9 & 10 - Well Life Concert & Chakra Workshop, Madison, WI.
June 29 & 30 - Well Life Concert & Chakra Workshop, Madison, WI.
August 25 - Chakra Workshop, Mazomanie, WI.
August 30 - Concert at Hospice, Madison, WI.
September 7 - Private Birthday Party, Beaver Dam, WI.
September 8 - Well Life Concert, Wauwatosa, WI.
September 23 - Radio Concert on WORT-fm, Madison, WI.
September 28 & 29 - Well Life Concert & Chakra Workshop, Madison, WI.
October 4 - Concert for Piano Man Studio Fundraiser
November 16 - Benefit Concert - Mazomanie Music Conservancy
November 24 - Piano Recital, Mazomanie, WI.

Performance Dates 2014
March 7 - Concert at Unitarian Church, Madison, WI.
March 8 & 9 - Well Life Concert & Chakra Workshop, Madison, WI.

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